Multicultural DNA on the Global Talent Markets

We built our organization so that it reflects our multicultural DNA. As a result, we can ensure global coordination with local inputs or manage projects completely on-site through our multiple local offices and a global network that integrates our multilingual consultants and senior partners.

EuroTriade Germany

Stuttgart: EuroTriade Germany GmbH was founded in 1989 on the foundation of German-French expertise in personnel policy and recruitment with direct approach as a practice. In doing so, the Group laid the foundation for its expansion and additional locations, from where it offers support in overcoming challenges faced by HR managers in Germany and abroad. The German-French HR consulting agency is specialized in Executive Searches and Sourcing of any other talent profiles (experts, middle management, and more), Umbrella Services, as well as in Transformation and M&A projects.


EuroTriade France

Paris: Founded in 1998, EuroTriade has specialized in direct approach recruitment of engineers and technical experts, as well as mid-management and executive management in France. More than 300 completed projects serve as proof of the quality and success. The German-French focus is the unique foundation of the EuroTriade Team, which offer executive search and recruitment.


EuroTriade Romania

Sibiu: since 2005, EuroTriade has been held in the highest esteem when it comes to local and cross-border recruitment and HR consulting services: EuroTriade Romania is one of the 3 most significant players in the consulting sector of the automotive industry, IT branch, and foreign investments.


EuroTriade Morocco

Casablanca/Tangier: Since 2010, the EuroTriade Group has been supporting clients in Morocco in all topics concerning recruitment and foreign investments as well as finding and hiring the right managers and experts for their your local branch. Complete “greenfield”-projects, ramp-up projects, and recruitment projects with a direct approach are in the repertoire of recurring achievements of EuroTriade’s branch in Morocco.


EuroTriade USA

Detroit: EuroTriade USA has been implementing projects for international recruitment for American and worldwide clients since 2015. Today, the branch in Detroit is underlining its value by being the representative partner for recruitment and direct approach for the discreet (especially automotive) industries in the United States, just as the EuroTriade Group has already been practicing in Europe and Asia.


EuroTriade Korea

Seoul: Socio-economic changes and high information technology-driven success of Korean economic actors put pressure on HRM systems: the challenges associated with an aging workforce and managing foreign and contingent workers bring the need for cross-border HR service support at its peak.

In addition, specific technology changes in European industries like ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) push the higher interest of Western Companies for cooperation with Korean companies and their establishment on the Korean market.

This is why EuroTriade, deeply linked to Talent Sourcing for cross-border projects, decided to launch its activity of HR service delivery in Korea and as well started to support Korean companies in their overseas talent sourcing, esp. in Germany with its umbrella services.

EuroTriade Korea is, in addition, the key interface for all projects and customer challenges in the whole of the APAC region.


Building on Our Strengths

An Extensive International EuroTriade Network in Expansion

The EuroTriade Group builds on its strengths in the corresponding talent markets of its international network every day. This network and its branches provide the Group with a powerful drive, enabling it to respond to global clients’ most versatile human resource challenges with the right solutions and services.

It is especially this vision which drives the EuroTriade Group to develop its international presence continuously.

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